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About Us School fundraising is a family run business which has been helping local communities for over 30 years. We are specialists in school fundraisers and have already raised over €70,000 for school's around the country through our unique recycling fundraising events. Our aim is to get the local community involved in making your school's fundraiser as successful as possible while also raising awareness of how important and effective it can be to recycle. We collect old clothes, mobile phones and scrap metal which are then recycled. We will pay you for these items upon collection. All your school has to do is promote your school's fundraising event to as many people as possible by asking your students and the local community for a donation of unwanted recyclable items of clothing, mobile phones and scrap metal. School fundraising is a fully licensed fundraising company and through our highly successful fundraisers and or Constant Revenue streams we guarantee to raise as much funds as possible for your school. Contact Us

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