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How It works Our school fundraising events work in 4 simple steps Step One Your school contacts our special fundraising team who will help you organise one of our specialised fundraiser and/or a constant revenue stream for your school. Constant revenue involves placing a personalised clothing bank and/or mobile phone box on your site which will have your school's name and crest. Once we have a clear idea of what exactly your school is fundraising for our fundraising for school's team will plan a fundraiser which suits your school best. We are completely flexible and are willing to work closely with you to ensure that your school's fundraisers are as successful as possible. Once we have agreed a date and the time of the fundraiser we can then organise our own graphic designer to organise a poster and flyer for the event which your school can print and distribute as often as you would like. We also offer full colour posters and flyers which really stand out from the crowd at a greatly reduced price. Step Two On the day of the fundraiser our school fundraising team will arrive at your school at the agreed time. All mobile phones which have been donated are brought to our van where they will be weighed and counted. Payment for this is made on the spot. We can provide a skip on site for the safe storage of scrap metal. We can advise which size skip will be necessary based on the anticipated size of the fundraiser. Once all donations have been received the skip will be removed to our larger weighing facility at the school fundraising depot. We ask a member of your team to accompany us for the weigh in and once this is done payment will be made straight away. Step Three Why not create a constant revenue stream for your school throughout the year by placing a clothing bank or mobile phone box which will be personalised with your school's name and crest on site. The clothing bank will be emptied on a regular basis and your school will receive payment on a quarterly basis. The more you promote the clothing bank, the more donations it will receive and in turn the more funds will be received for your school. Mobile phone boxes are emptied every time our fundraising team are advised that they are full. Payment for this is made immediately. Step Four All items which have been collected as part of your school's fundraiser are brought to our depot where they are sorted and checked for quality and cleanliness. The clothes are then sent to be re-used in third world countries and the remainder used in the production of items such as carpets and couches. Scrap metal and mobile phones are broken down into components and used again in the production of items such as cars, cans and electronic equipment. Contact Us

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